It seems auspicious (if not providential) to launch this course blog on the eve of Emanuel Swedenborg’s 324th birthday. All seminar participants should have received an email from me by now, as well as a separate invitation to join the blogspace. If you have any questions about content in the syllabus, or how this blog works, leave a comment to this post. So, happy blogging, and I look forward to communicating with you all over the course of our first week.

7 responses to “Welcome

  1. Thanks Devin, Looking forward…

  2. Is there a physical reader we need to pick up somewhere?

  3. Hi all — at the moment, no reader (despite what is suggested in the syllabus). I have almost all the texts as PDFs; the only big missing portion of the readings are the “Swedenborgian” novels by Balzac that we will be reading at the end of the semester: _Louis Lambert_ and _Seraphita_. I’m trying to find electronic copies of modern editions of these works, and if I don’t, I’ll make a small reader of these two texts available at a Copy Shop mid-semester. I’ll keep you posted…

  4. Hi, Devin,

    I was able to find some of the digital texts on squibd.com. This will be an interesting venture!



  5. Also,

    It seems we need a password to view the Text and Video portions of the site. 🙂 good work.

    May we have them please? 😉


  6. Hi Jen —

    the password is in my previous email to you all, the one that detailed the nuts and bolts of the blog. So you’ll find it there!

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