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Michael Pollan, Jonny Appleseed, and the Botany of Desire

Hi everyone —

Just to start following up on some of the threads that emerged out of our conversation last night: here’s a link to a segment of the documentary based on Michael Pollan’s Botany of Desire. Due to copyright I can’t post or embed the film clip into the blog here (I did that under videotheque via something on youtube, but that got shut down, and the link no longer works).

Watch “Clip 4” to see the 6-7 minute bit on Appleseed. They start discussing Appleseed’s Swedenborgian theology at about the four minute mark, but the whole thing is worth watching. As is the entirety of Pollan’s book very worth reading.

Live-streaming talk tomorrow on Swedenborg @UC Irvine

Hey everyone–

I am off in just a few hours to take part in the inaugural “Literature and Religion” Conference taking place at the University of California, Irvine, tomorrow (Friday). It’s a kick-off event for an emergent new research network in literature and religion.

I am talking on Swedenborg, correspondence, and American pragmatism (with a long nod towards Emerson) — my lecture is “Turning Things into Words, and Words into Things: Swedenborg and the Religious Origins of American Pragmatism.”

If your work schedules permit, please do tune in to follow along; I’ll be presenting somewhere between 9:45 and 11:00. Conference website here; link to the livestream here.


Minilecture 7: Swedenborg and Spiritualism