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Response Paper 1

Due: March 19th

Please select one of the critical secondary texts we have read this semester, anything that has appeared in the syllabus thus far. Perhaps choose the reading that you have most enjoyed, or found most interesting. Write a two page (minimum) response to this particular secondary reading that reflects on the following questions:

  • What kind of methodology does the author use to make his/her argument about their topic? What kinds of sources do they refer to (primary, secondary)? Are there particular disciplines they seem to draw on, or frameworks they prefer deploying (theology, history, sociology, science, etc.)?
  • What did you think of how the article connected or contextualized Swedenborg?
  • The word “interest” comes from Latin roots that imply being “in between” two different things, and becoming striking, different. If you found this article interesting, what did it draw you out towards? Did it strike ideas towards something else, a new perspective on Swedenborg or his contexts? Is there a “between” the article suggests for you, somewhere else you want to look into more, or dig deeper into, when it comes to Swedenborg and/or the 18th century?

Please integrate relevant quotes from your selected article. Should be in normal academic format (typed, double-spaced).

Reading Forum for Week Three, reposted: Pietism Redux

There’s something a little wacky with WordPress tonight — the page I made for our Reading Forum Week 3 literally keeps disappearing. So here it is below as a Post on the main page. Hopefully I can get this fixed in the morrow, and you can be posting back under the Reading Forum page over the weekend… The problem seems to be fixed this Friday morning! Reading Forum and Minilecture Three are appearing in their proper places, no longer vanishing from the menu option. So I will delete below the reposting I did last night. Maybe blogs can suffer from sleep-deprivation like overworked humans, and wonders can be worked by a night of rest. Please shout-out if you notice anything strange going on, pages disappearing and the like. Thanks!


It seems auspicious (if not providential) to launch this course blog on the eve of Emanuel Swedenborg’s 324th birthday. All seminar participants should have received an email from me by now, as well as a separate invitation to join the blogspace. If you have any questions about content in the syllabus, or how this blog works, leave a comment to this post. So, happy blogging, and I look forward to communicating with you all over the course of our first week.