Final Revised Calendar


Assignment for Response Paper Two

DUE: April 27th (extension!)

First, please take the time to browse and read through your colleagues’ response papers posted on the blog under “2015 Forum.”

Write a response on any aspect (problem, question, interesting point) from the secondary and/or primary readings we’ve had from March 16th onwards.

In your response, integrate a point-of-view, an observation, or a remark from one of your peer’s prior response papers posted on the blog. You can’t use your own response (!); try to substantially engage in a meaningful way with the content of the other person’s statement.

Your response should be at least three pages (double-spaced, 12 point font).

Thoughts on Heaven and Hell?

We had so much to talk about last class in regards to Albanese — if you had particular thoughts or questions from the primary readings in Heaven and Hell, please put them here as a comment! (it might take a bit of time for your comment to appear, as I have to approve it as a moderator).

Swedenborg, Body, the “Grand Human”

Michael Pollan, Jonny Appleseed, and the Botany of Desire

Hi everyone —

Just to start following up on some of the threads that emerged out of our conversation last night: here’s a link to a segment of the documentary based on Michael Pollan’s Botany of Desire. Due to copyright I can’t post or embed the film clip into the blog here (I did that under videotheque via something on youtube, but that got shut down, and the link no longer works).

Watch “Clip 4” to see the 6-7 minute bit on Appleseed. They start discussing Appleseed’s Swedenborgian theology at about the four minute mark, but the whole thing is worth watching. As is the entirety of Pollan’s book very worth reading.

Live-streaming talk tomorrow on Swedenborg @UC Irvine

Hey everyone–

I am off in just a few hours to take part in the inaugural “Literature and Religion” Conference taking place at the University of California, Irvine, tomorrow (Friday). It’s a kick-off event for an emergent new research network in literature and religion.

I am talking on Swedenborg, correspondence, and American pragmatism (with a long nod towards Emerson) — my lecture is “Turning Things into Words, and Words into Things: Swedenborg and the Religious Origins of American Pragmatism.”

If your work schedules permit, please do tune in to follow along; I’ll be presenting somewhere between 9:45 and 11:00. Conference website here; link to the livestream here.


Swedenborg, Gyllenhaals, Henry Louis Gates, and intentional communities

“Faith and Revolution” with Maggie Gyllenhaal (five minute excerpt featuring Bryn Athyn)

Watch Faith and Rebellion on PBS. See more from Finding Your Roots.

Swedenborg in the New York Times

In regards to our conversations about church polity, Swedenborg’s New Jerusalem, and the so-called SBNR demographic (“spiritual but not religious”), check out this article from Saturday’s New York Times

Gary Lachman, if you will recall, appears in the Swedenborg documentary you can watch under the “Videotheque” (the same one where I briefly appear as a “talking head”).

Minilecture 8 / 9: Last Judgement and New Jerusalem

New Resource Added

Hey everyone —

I just wanted to bring to your attention the fantastic Swedenborg Library Digital Collections hosted by Bryn Athyn College in Pennsylvania. It is full of tons (and I mean tons) of 18th and 19th century archival material, scanned and turned into easily searchable PDFs. All the major 19th century New Church periodicals are on there, among other goodies (like scanned Swedenborg original manuscripts).

So, if you are interested in “digging” deeper into a historical topic for your final paper, this is an immediate first-stop resource, especially if you are keen to follow how the Swedenborgian denomination(s) responded to various cultural pressures–like slavery and Abolitionism–and topics such as Spiritualism and communal living (Fourierism, etc).

Go hereto start playing around.